Laughter is Medicine!

Therapeutic - Inspirational - Uplifting 

Comedy Therapy Sessions - Every Friday Morning!

with  Merlynda Robinson (LLAM)

- the award-winning comedienne - and -

  • award-winning comedy performance poet
  • award-winning comedy singer-songwriter
  • award-winning cartoonist & ventriloquist 

Weekly - Every Friday:  10.30am to 12.30pm

At:  Merlynda’s Comedy Studio, Nyewood Road, Nyewood, Petersfield GU31 5JA.  

There is plenty of free parking available in Nyewood Road.

Fee: £22.00 per person For 120 minute Session (2 hours) - Refreshments Are Included.

Up to 4 people per session - Discount of 10% For Booking 6 Sessions In Advance.

To Book Your Place/s - Please Call: 01730 821030


Merlynda’s comedy and cartooning websites include her Qualifications, Background Biography, Awards, Festivals/Radio Appearances and Publications to - -

'Laughter Is Medicine'

Therapy Sessions - Details:

“Laughter IS Medicine!” Comedy Therapist & multi Award-winning professional Comedienne - teacher of ventriloquism, puppetry, public speaking, singing, cartooning, poetry-writing & acting for over 35 years - Merlynda Robinson (LLAM) - knows this to be absolutely true! 

Laughter is not only excellent for our physical, mental and emotional well-being - it’s therapeutic effects are very well-documented - it also brings us together in the most positive, deeply inspirational, highly uplifting & genuinely supportive way possible. 

An antidote to stress, fatigue, nervousness, loneliness, grief, fear - and the doldrums - our Well of Laughter is both the best - and most effective - natural medicine we each possess - and it’s our best and most loyal ally too - through all our life’s challenges.  

All we need to do is to regularly access it - and exercise it - in as wide a variety of comedic forms as we can! 

And of course - we need to encourage much MORE of it into our lives - and into the lives of others - whether relatives, friends, colleagues.   

And that’s where Merlynda’s ‘Laughter Is Medicine’ Comedy & Laughter Therapy Sessions come in ..! 

Merlynda’s Therapeutic Comedy & Laughter Sessions: ‘Laughter Is Medicine’ - Include:  

  • Creating & Performing Comedy
  • Learn Ventriloquism & Puppetry
  • Public Speaking
  • Singing Therapy
  • Comedy Songwriting
  • Cartooning & Caricaturing Art Therapy
  • Comical Improvisational & Role Play Therapy
  • Talking Therapy

- AND -  

“Merlynda’s Comical Tips & Techniques For Keeping The Medicine Of Laughter In Your Life - Everyday!

Please Book Your Sessions NOW By Calling: 01730 821030

or email: