Merlynda's Other Interests & Qualifications:

For over 35 years now, Merlynda has conducted Tarot Readings and I Ching Readings - for Private Consultations, couples, friends, groups, parties, at balls, black tie and fundraising events - and - at a variety of festivals.

Merlynda has created Astrological Birth Charts and highly intuitive Astrological Interpretations for private clients - in addition to creating popular and respected Magazine and Newspaper Horoscopes - published as 'Scarlette's Stars'.

Merlynda has Diplomas in the following Alternative Therapies and New Age disciplines:  

  • Astrology (The Astrology Institute)
  • Parapsychology (The British School of Yoga)
  • Psychotherapy (The British School of Yoga)
  • Iridology (The British School of Yoga)
  • Psychotechnics (MindCare Organisation)
  • Hypnotherapy (MindCare Organisation)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming  (MindCare Organisation)