Merlynda Robinson (LLAM)


Romantic Love Poet


Romantic Nature Poet

Award-Winning Verse-Fabulist

Epic Romantic Poet

Humorous Poet & Humorous Monologues/Speechwriter


When You Cannot Find The Words ...

~ Or ~

You Want To Raise A Smile ...

Ask Merlynda:

Merlynda is a multi Award-winning

Passionately Romantic Love Poet

and She Performs Selections of Her 

Romantic Poetry & Romantic Songs Live

and Creates her Beautifully presented

 range of original Passionately Romantic Love Poems

her Epic Romantic Poems and Verse-Fables

and her Romantic Nature, Countryside & Seaside Poems

and Romantically Humorous Poems

~ as ~

Postcards - Posters ~ GreetingsCards ~ Books

To Delight and Inspire 

Those You Adore.

Merlynda's Framed Romantic Love Poems

and Romantic Love Poetry Greetings Cards

Are Unique Perfect Timeless Gifts of Love & Laughter

Especially for: 

Weddings and Anniversaries

Engagements and Birthdays

Special Occasions and For Those Difficult Days

~ For Him and For Her ~

Merlynda's Beautifully Printed and Presented

Cherished Words of Love ...

Simply Perfect For The One - or Ones - You Adore.

So, When You Cannot Find The Right Words ...

Or - You Want To Make Them Smile ...

Ask Merlynda


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